We’re Not Alone — Other Organizations that Champion Your Privacy

In a small corner of the internet, in an IP address far, far away — there are other organizations fighting for your right to navigate the open web without having to share your personal information.

This makes us happy.

We aren’t alone in our fight to return control of the internet to the people, and we wanted to provide you with some additional resources you can use to grow your knowledge and better protect your data.

Read on for a list of some of the best non-profits in the digital protection space…

The Foundation for Technology and Privacy Outreach

The Foundation for Technology and Privacy Outreach was founded as part of the FTC-approved third-party neutral Children’s Online Protection Act.

From there, it has grown into a source of consumer education developed to help people make intelligent choices when it comes to privacy and online identity issues. The organization focuses on public initiatives to continually raise awareness about hard-hitting technological issues.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Founded as the internet gained traction in 1990, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was developed with the intent of “defending civil liberties in a digital world.”

With its longstanding mission and global network of attorneys, activists, and partner organizations. The EFF is one of the longest running consumer protection organizations in the world.

Its mission?

“EFF’s mission is to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world.”

The organization provides people with resources dedicated to consumer protection, education, and freedom in the digital space.

Consumer Action

Consumer Action is a people first non-profit organization with the purpose of advocating for underrepresented consumers on a global scale.

Originally started in 1971, Consumer Action was started with the purpose of protecting people from all walks of life from misinformation through advocacy, education, and research geared towards consumer literacy.

Now, this organization encompasses online consumer protection activities into its original mission, stating on their website:

For more than four decades, Consumer Action, a national non-profit organization, has worked to advance consumer literacy and protect consumer rights in many areas, including credit, banking, privacy, insurance, healthcare and utilities. The organization achieves its mission through several channels, from direct consumer education to issue-focused advocacy.”

Consumer Action goes a step further than many others, providing consumers with an outlet where they can lodge complaints and seek further representation through the organization’s resources.

The Tor Project

Founded in 2006, the Tor Project, Inc. was developed to provide consumers with a browser that allows them to explore the internet without constraint.

While this has proven slightly controversial due to the lack of oversight when it comes to criminal activity, it still represents a person’s core right to online privacy in its purest sense.

According to Tor:

“We, at the Tor Project, fight every day for everyone to have private access to an uncensored internet, and Tor has become the world’s strongest tool for privacy and freedom online.”

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